A membership in TSI cost NOK 200, - for student and 400, - for non-student per year for membership in the Tromsø students' Sports team.

With this membership you have the possibility to join as many sub-groups as you want.

Be aware that most sub-groups also have their own training fee.

This will come in addition to the 200,- / 400,- TSI fee.

The TSI fee has to be paid to be able attend any of our sub-groups events & training.

This is regardless of whether you will be staying in Tromsø for several years or a short period of time.

Once you have registered, you will receive an email confirming that your membership request has been approved and you will be sent a sms/mail

with payment information. It is the responsibility of each sub-group to approve the membership, which may take some time.

When registration/payment is completed you will get a username on tsidrett.no. When you login you can edit information about yourself

and add or delete membership to the desired subgroups that you want.

NB! If the subgroup trains at the Kraft sports center, you either need a KRAFT membership or pay for drop-in hour. If you want access to group lessons, power rooms, etc., you can buy a membership from Kraft. If you only want to participate in the subgroups workouts, clip cards/drop-ins may be a better option. For more information about KRAFT sports centers prices, click HERE

To become a member of TSI either go HERE

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