About TSI

Tromsøstudentenes Idrettslag (TSI) is the UiT – The Arctic University of Norway’s student sports association located in Tromsø. A group of students who wanted to combine a social environment with different sports established the association in 1977. Today, TSI is the biggest student organization in northern Norway with almost 2000 members and offers within 29 different sports and activities. Our goal is still to combine physical activity with the social aspects of a student’s life. The different groups participate in both regional and national competitions and events, but the main focus in each group is the joy of living an active life besides studying. So whether you want to compete at a high level, or maybe just try something totally new, you are more than welcome to join us! With a variety of different activities, we are sure that you will find a group that suits your interests.

TSI offer every kind of activities, from the traditional indoor sports such as handball, floorball, football, volleyball and badminton to outdoor activities such as hiking, kiting and cross-country skiing. For those who enjoy water-sports we offer everything from underwater rugby and diving to surfing, sailing and kayaking. Furthermore, we have groups that practice traditional fighting sports and a group of dancers.

If you have any questions, please contact us at post.tsi@gmail.com or come by our office at Kraft Sportssenter at Campus in Breivika.

Inne eller ute?
Seriøs eller leken? 
Tørr eller våt?
TSI er for alle!

Indoors or outdoors?
Serious or playful?
Dry or wet?
TSI is for everyone!


Vision and aspiration:


” TSI skal være Norges fremste sportslige, sosiale og allsidige Studentidrettslag”.

"TSI strives to be Norways premier sporting, social and allround student sports organization".

Our paramount goal is:

”Tilrettelegge for fysisk aktivitet, skape samhold og trivsel blant studentene i Tromsø”.

"To facilitate physical activity, unity and wellbeing amongst the students in Tromsø".